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Repair information for landline phones produced by Panasonic.

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Why isn't my phone ringing? Panasonic cordless KX-TGF780

I'm having the same problem with my Panasonic cordless KX-TGF780. Callers hear a click (like the phone has been answered) and then nothing. I don't have a problem making calls. The phones are not set on Silent Mode.

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Hi @valmy ,

Some things to try to isolate where the problem is and what to do to fix it once you know.

  • Try calling your own number from the phone and ensure that you get the engaged tone. If you don't and you get a click or ringtone, unless you have set your number to be immediately re-directed on incoming calls to another number, you're not using your allocated phone number but another one. Check your redirection settings or contact your landline service provider.
  • Try turning off the phone's answering system just in case there is a problem with it. On the base station press Answer On/Off (the indicator light should turn on/off in response) or from a phone press Menu # 3 2 7 to turn off and Menu # 3 2 8 to turn on. Call your number from another phone e.g. mobile phone and check if the phone rings OK

If still no good:

  • If the base station is connected to a telephone cable socket:

Call your phone number from another phone e.g. mobile phone and then when it "clicks" in the other phone, pick up and answer with your phone and check if you can talk between the two phones OK.

If you can talk OK between the two phones, then try connecting a corded phone to the phone socket, in lieu of the base station and then call your number again and check if the corded phone rings or not.

If it rings OK then you have a problem with the base station.

If it doesn't ring or if you don't have a corded phone, unplug the base station (or corded phone) from the telephone socket (is it the only one on the phone line into the premises or are there more with other devices connected?) and try again and check if there is ringtone in the calling phone or if it clicks and nothing.

If it clicks then you have a line fault. Contact your landline phone service provider about the problem.

  • If the base station is connected to a modem:

Try connecting a corded phone to the modem in lieu of the base station and call your number from another phone and check if it rings OK.

If it does then there is a problem with the base station.

If not or if you don't have a corded phone, try resetting the modem by turning it off and disconnecting the power to the modem. Leave it off for a couple of minutes and then reconnect the power and turn it on. Allow it to initialize and settle (may take some minutes to do this) and then try calling your number again and check if it rings OK.

If it still doesn't ring you may have a faulty modem. Also check the phone settings in the modem to make sure that they're all correct.

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TY so, so much for the information, Jayeff! My phone is adding to its repertoire. When I call my landline from my cell phone, I now hear either a click, 3 musical tones, or 1 ring. With all three, I then hear nothing.

The base station has been turned off and on, as well as has been unplugged for an hour and then plugged back in.

When I called my landline number (from my cell) as soon as I heard any of the above-mentioned sounds, I had my husband answer the phone and, although the landline didn't ring, we COULD hear each other talking. I'm in the process of securing a corded phone so we can see what happens with it.

This phone has a feature where it can auto-block. Do you think it might be auto-blocking ALL calls, even though it's not engaged to do so??

I guess I'm at a standstill until I can locate a corded phone. Again, thank you so much.


Oh, and the base unit is the only telephone plugged in. I forgot to answer that question!



Presumably the base station is connected to a telephone cable socket and not to an internet modem, is this correct?

Did you try unlpugging the base station and then calling your number as suggested to see what happens, you never said?

If you continue to hear the ringtone in the calling phone then there is a problem with the base station

If it clicks or you only hear the ringtone once in the calling phone (mobile phone) then it is a telephone line fault.

Contact your provider and tell them that your phone doesn't ring when called and that the calling party only hears the ringtone briefly if at all but that you can still speak if you pick up and "answer" the phone. If they query this and say that it is your equipment, tell them that it also happens when you disconnect everything from the line at your end i.e. the ringtone heard in the calling phone stops almost immediately upon connection instead of continuing as if there was a phone connected.

When you spoke to your husband from the mobile to the landline, was the call noisy at all? If so usually this kind of problem is caused by a wet cable and the ringing current is 'tripped" (stopped) by an earth connection on the line caused by the water between the cable (bad insulated joint somewhere) and the ground when there shouldn't be one, hence the noise heard when speaking


Hi again, jayeff! I wanted to let you know that my husband bought a corded phone today and when we tried it in the house, we had the same issue as we'd had with our Panasonic. He then connected the corded phone to the box outside our house, and AGAIN we had the same issues. I called the phone company and when they ran some tests they were able to verify the problem was on their end. They'll be out Tuesday to repair it.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the advice you gave me!


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