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The 2016 edition of the Kindle, part of the 8th generation, includes a touchscreen and same form-factor as the Kindle Paperwhite 2, but lacks the backlight.

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Why no guide for this generation?

I'm very curious why this generation doesn't have a guide/replacement product. Does the 7th gen satisfy this one?

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It seems that the 7th gen guide does have a similar repair method. That's at least what I see comparing this video guide and the 7th gen guides. Although I do encourage that if you feel that this guide does have a significantly different repair process, then definitely create a guide documenting your process.

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Yeah, I found that video too, I guess I was less concerned with the how-to and more if there was a difference in the battery from 7th to 8th gen, or if the site from that video is a reputable one for replacement batteries. Can you tell? (I'm a bit new to the in's and out's of this)


Personally, I have never used Newpower99, and the battery on the Kindle 8 is suppose to have more charge. I'd say if you're really pressed for the parts, see if you can snag one from Ebay.


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