My HP Stream Notebook PC 11 keyboard is malfunctioning

  • Most times when I strike a key different programs open
  • Another problem is when I type on ms word a certain key will just be reporting itself
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What is your exact model as each series is designed differently.


Hp Stream notebook PC 11


Hi @laminkanu

Try plugging in a USB keyboard and check if that works OK.

This is to prove whether the problem is in the laptop keyboard or in the OS.

Has the laptop gotten wet at all i.e. liquid spill on the keyboard?


I have also tried an external USB keyboard. But the Sam problem repeatedly happens.

Secondly I didn't spill liquid on the keyboard.



Seems as though the problem is in the OS and not the keyboard.

What OS is installed, Win 7, 8.1, 10?

Is it always the same programs that open?

Have you checked that the programs can't be opened by keyboard shortcuts?

Either on the desktop (if the programs have icons there) or in the list of programs, right click on the program icon of a program that opens and click on Properties > select Shortcut tab and check that the "shortcut key" entry = none.


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