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The iFixit Precision Bit Driver is an aluminum or plastic handle that fits 4 mm bits.

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Larger driver in the MANTA toolkit... are bitssupposed to be magnetic?

A few months back I purchased the Manta toolkit. I had already owned a Pro Tech Toolkit. I have done several PC builds in this time, and have noticed that the driver with the Pro kit, along with the smaller driver in the Manta kit, both exhibit some magnetism through the bit, preventing screws from falling off the bit.

Unfortunately, the larger driver in the Manta kit does not exhibit the same magnetism. For example, a fan screw. I do not need to hold it onto the bit with a finger when using the smaller drivers, but the larger driver, I am required to since there is no magnetism/pull through the bit. Is this intended?

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My larger driver broke, the blue cap fell out. The bearing appears to be threaded in, removing the snap ring (which would be impossible to reinstall anyways if the bearing and cap were re-mated) does nothing. There doesn't seem to be any way to part the handle components to reinstall the cap screw through the bearing without destroying the driver. Some help would be awesome. I have used the larger driver twice. I have used the precision driver many dozens of times without issue. Seems like a QC problem.


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I do not know if it is intended or not, but if you want it to be magnetic you can put a magnet on the bit and have it stuck to the bit when you need the bit to be magnetic. So if you take the magnetic bit from the toolkit, you can then put it on the non-magnetic bit and it will make the non-magnetic bit magnetic.

Hope this helped, even though I didn't answer the question.

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