power supply reporting 66 to 69°C, and CPU/ODD fan running full pelt

hi i have 2 problems but i have a hunch they're correlated:

#1 is my PSU is reporting as being at 66C (via macs fan control) and i'm assuming this is due to dust build-up on the sensor (if not being faulty), but the teardown guide doesn't advise on how to access said sensor (i'm assuming it's hidden behind the foil somewhere but don't want to just go gung-ho and rip it up when an incision directly near it for access, then patch with electrical tape would do) so, any advice? is the temp sensor on the PSU board itself? is it a sign of PSU failure? where do i cut to blast/vaccuum? could it be that singular cable connected to the 2-pin on the PSU has shorted/come loose and needs re-crimping? dead capacitors? etc.

2nd, my ODD fan speed is cranked to max and MFC says it won't let me change the limits (but it's reported at just a couple degrees above ambient), BUT after changing the CPU fan speed the ODD fan will slooowly come back down, so they seem linked (possibly as an emergency override to increase airflow?); is this a sign of a logic board/fan failure or is it because of my above issue with the PSU temperatures?, because the CPU fan blasts air on the PSU and is locked at max blast too, until i use MFC to calm it down, at which point the PSU temperatures start climbing up to 69°C and seem to stop there, idle or with a load.

any help would be appreciated :) there's still plenty of useability in any sata2 machine once you go SSD with linux/windows 10 LTSC IoT afterall ;)

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