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The sixth generation of the Subaru Legacy made its debut at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, and went into production for the 2015 model year.

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check engine light on code p700.

i got this check engine light everytime it rains . i scan the code and it show p700 . ( transmission failure ) however the car run okay no problem and after 2 days of doing running the check engine light will turn off.

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See if the diagram here helps. It's from the Outback Owners site.


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It could be a number of issues but when you said it mainly happens when it rains then i would put money on it being a bad connection in the wiring harness to the transmission. Maybe water causing a short circuit & then once it’s dried out the transmission control unit thinks the fault has cleared.

I would follow the wiring harness from the left side of the dash, through to the gearbox. Checking for any breaks in insulation & also the security of any connector blocks outside of the interior of the vehicle. I know the Subaru Forester has 2 BIG connector blocks on the top of the gearbox around the bell housing area. It maybe the problem lies in those. Google your transmission wiring harness & see what the photos show you.

Good luck

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