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The HP Spectre x360 13 -ac023dx is a compact laptop which is light, powerful, and has smart security features.

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Automatic white random spots on screen

On booting up the laptop in any mode, random white spots appear and cursor moves and opens applications randomly and automatically. Updated bios, but still facing the same issue.

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Have you tried booting up in Safe Mode and /or disconnecting Wi-Fi to see if the problem goes away?


Booted in bios but the touchscreen cursor or mouse pad /track pad cursor keeps moving and selecting options randomly


Tried disabling the wifi adapter by removing the hardware connection wires, keyboard and track pad, but doesn't solve. Laptop motherboard heating up


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This piece of cloth which came along with the notebook has properties of a magnet attracting all kinds of particles. I used to keep this between the keyboard and screen, so all the particles on the cloth which were too small to be seen with the eye used to stick to the touch screen due to which it misbehaved. Last evening i cleaned laptop screen properly with a liquid lcd cleaner, powered it up, enabled the HID Compliant Touch Screen & it worked properly. I tested all apps and configurations and all were good. I powered it off and closed the laptop with this piece of cloth between the keyboard and screen. After an hour again i powered it on, and again the ghost touching issue emerged. Then checked the screen with magnifier on mobile and found lots of particles on the screen. That’s when i realized that this piece of cloth was the culprit. All’s well that end’s well. Thanks for your support & suggestions.

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This sounds like a malfunctioning touchscreen. The white spots are where the OS is detecting touch input and its providing visual feedback in the form of these white spots.

See if you can disable touch input. That will allow you to bypass the problem for now.

After that you should download HP Image Assistant and get your drivers up to date.

Clean your screen, make sure there's nothing on there that might register as input.

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Thanks for the suggestion/solution. Last night formatted the windows partition & reinstalled windows. Installed all drivers through windows update and it’s working now. But display quality not up to the mark, maybe due to the driver. I’ll install the graphics card driver today evening, but can you tell that is all the hardware alright since machine too costly, the display panel for about Rs. 50000 and model purchased from LA, US.


Yes you were absolutely correct. As soon as I loaded the laptop's bios from hp official site, the problem started again. Then I disconnected the touch input cable which also disconnected the web cam. Loaded all drivers from hp site and re connected the touch screen cable. Problem started again. Can the touch screen assembly be repaired or any other way of fixing this issue


I'm not sure. I guess it depends whether the problem is the cable, the controller board that sits right under or behind the lcd panel, or the capacitive layer on the lcd.

Its worth trying to isolate the issue but if you can live without touch input you can turn it off in the computers settings. I don't think you need to disconnect the cable though I may be wrong.

You mentioned that the touch controls fixed themselves after wiping the drive. Touch controls were working too or fully disabled?


I'll tell you step by step of the applied procedure:

1. Booted in recovery environment.

2. Opted to re-install windows.

3. Formatted the windows partition.

4. Installed and updated windows and device drivers through windows update.(Don't know if the HID Compliant touch screen driver was there but as far as i remember, it was there).

5. Everything was good till his point till i updated the official bios from HP.

6. Ghost touches and white circles started appearing again.

7. Somehow opened device manager and disabled HID Compliant Touchscreen.

I tried disconnecting one of the cables but the camera stopped working.

Can it be repaired?


I'd try to replace the drivers first but I suspect the issue is the touch input hardware. You'll have to narrow down the problem, start with the cheapest components and work your way up.

Drivers < cable < touch module < screen


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