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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Nintendo 2DS XL intermittently freezing

Hi All,

My Sons 2DS XL (minecraft edition) is randomly freezing when in use.

Battery is fully charged, and software is up to date.
I have replicated when in game (any game), in menu’s even after a format system operation. It froze during initial set up - so i rebooted and speed ran through the setup to get back to home screen. In every case the screens stay frozen on whatever point the system hung, internet light and battery indicators are still working / flashing where intended. holding power down and restarting is the only way to exit the hung state, at which point its use-able until the next freeze.

The only other thing i can thing of is Bad SD card which i am about to test.

Is anyone aware of faults that can cause the system to hang?

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Update: removing the SD card resolved nothing, the issue persisted as soon as i launched a game.


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May sound silly, but have tried to restore. This will help ensure it isn’t a simple software issue

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by restore do you mean factory reset? i have done that already and no change. i am not familair with a nintendo DS restore. do you have any refernce material i can read about this?



Sorry Mitch, just seen I did mean factory reset. I would personally get in touch with Nintendo as I believe this will be covered under a warranty


Thanks, and i have contacted them. got the usual speil regarding cost for inspection and repairs on top. just outside of 2 yr Manauf. warranty.


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