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Released November 2018 as an edition to the iPad's Pro line. Model A1980.

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Bluetooth not working on ipad- nothing helped

I have really strange problem with bluetooth on ipad pro 11 2018 wifi only.

Bought my ipad two years ago( october 20119) and kept it like a jewl.

No problems until one day few months ago woke up, and bluetooth not working, and only it.

Headphones not detected, pen detected when on magnet, but nothing when a cm apart- cant write, double tap not working, bluetooth mouse not working…

All of the other ipad functions work like new. Wifi ok, nothing slow… like new.

No warrany so called apple support- they made distance analytics and said that hardware is all O.K.

Tried few times to restart from ipad, few from Itunes( hard reset-factory reset)- nothing!!

Is it possible that it is still software although analytics was ok? The bluetooth is same chip like wifi- how one is working and the other is not?

Not dropped even once! Kept it with extreme caution.

( pen is not the problem, working with other ipad)

Thanks , please help me gain bluetooth support for my old ipad. I want to give it to my sister as a present… to use for note taking

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I am facing the same issue. I bought my iPad Pro in October 2019, and it is like new. However, a couple of days ago (I guess after the iOS update, but I am not sure), the Bluetooth stopped working: I couldn’t connect any device. Only the pencil is detected while it is on the magnet.

I’ve realized that wifi networks at 2.4GHz are not detected either. I’ve downloaded an app to detect the intensity of Bluetooth and Wifi signals and they are both very weak…

I am desperate. I’ve tried everything: from turning the Bluetooth on and off till doing a complete reset, without restoring a backup. Any ideas? It is hard for me to believe it is a HW issue, since nothing happened to it…


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So. This could still be hardware even though diagnostics check OK. Those diagnostics generally check for presence, but not functionality. So the iPad can know it’s there without it being functional

And even though the wifi chip and the bluetooth chip are the same, they have separate lines of communication to the necessary board components. So If you’ve reinstalled the software and it’s still not working I would say it’s a really good bet it’s the hardware. The only other thing I might try if you haven’t yet is to restore it to factory, and don’t reinstall any of your user data, so no icloud login and no restore from backup. Just a clean slate and see if it works.

Otherwise, your best bet to get it fixed is to take it to somewhere that does repair these that isn’t Apple since they will only offer out of warranty replacement for the whole iPad. I’m not specifically familiar with what could be at fault on these, if there’s a bluetooth specific antenna, but it could also be something on the boardthat effects just the bluetooth functionality.

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ok have you tried Enabling Bluetooth for Third-Party Apps.

go to settings -> privacy -> then Bluetooth and enable Bluetooth for any apps you are going to use.

Im not good with ios its just a suspicion

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