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EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 DT GAMING with iCX Cooler. Released in 2017. Part Number: 08G-P4-6684-KR

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GTX Titan 8gb pink lines across screen

I have a used GTX Titan 8gb ram that has pink lines across the screen. The screen works just fine as I have tested it with several other GPUs. When I try to install the driver's the whole system crashes. I have made sure that the GPU is plugged in all of the way. I have even used a extra 850watt psu to eliminate any power issues. Would a reflash of the bios fix this problem?

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Reflashing bios is not the solution because it’s working fine with other GPUs as you said. In the first observation, GPU looks faulty. Go to the Nvidia service station to check and confirm the issue.

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