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Thread for questions about repair of the Casio PT-1 mini / portable keyboard, which I believe was originally released in 1985 (?)

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Wondering why Casio PT-1 suddenly stopped working (won’t power on).

I have had mine since originally buying it new in the 80s. It worked fine until just recently when it stopped powering up. Unit is clean in very good condition so a bit baffled why it stopped working suddenly. I do not have AC adaptor and am using batteries. The battery compartment is also clean. I expect it is a small easily fixable issue so am wondering if anyone has experience with this / similar models and may have suggestions what to check and how to fix it. Thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to help!

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I have the exact same problem with my Casio PT-100 I got at goodwill. Took it apart and found that the diode is completely broken off and missing. I am guessing the diode is your issue as well.

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