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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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I replaced the screen but it will not turn on

I replaced the screen on my watch, but the screen remains black and I don’t think the watch is turning on at all. I do not feel any haptics or anything like that. I don’t think the battery is damaged, but I suppose it is a possibility. The watch was smashed until the screen fell off. When that happened the watch was still turned on and I just let it die.

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hello christian,

put a watch on charger and check (try switch off, you ‘ll feel vibes). Often, during replacement, the connecting tapes are damaged or one of the connectors does not click properly. In such cases, you have to disassemble everything again and try from the beginning. Unfortunately, lately many of the new (replacement) screens for Apple watches are simply not working. Find a good repair shop, let them worry there.

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I tried putting It on a charger and nothing happens still. And with the screen m, I bought an OEM screen and nothing about it looks like it wouldn’t work. What did you mean by disassembling everything and all that?


Is it possible that the battery is the culprit?


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Try removing the battery, and do a reset.

Then reattach the battery.

I've had many play up like this, then out if the blue, they'll fire back up when put on charge.

Sometimes the flex cable can be damaged.

Also, you say you've replaced the display? If so, are you aware the NFC part need to be swapped over to the new display, as they're paired with watch.

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I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work, but I’m not aware of that, how would I swap that over?


On the back of the display, there's a large sheilded chip. That's attached to a thin flex like strip that runs down to the LCD flex fold.

Heat & isopropyl to removed the full assembly, then transfer over to the new screen.

But first, you want to get the watch working, because if you damage it, you'll be running around in circles trying to find faults.

Assuming no other watch available to test the display on?


That is correct. Unfortunately though, I don’t even have the old display to transfer anything over. So I’m pretty sure I’m screwed.


Have same issue BUT watch does charge and connects via Bluetooth - so is alive but no vibrations or noise from find my.

Any thoughts? Thanks


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