iPod video restoring error 1429

Sorry about poor grammer first. I’m not good at English.

I bought HDD cracked iPod video 5.5th gen and iFlash quad.

And I replaced HDD with iFlash including 128G SD card(Fat32 formatted).

Block Image

When I connected iPod with Windows PC to restore, PC detected iPod but detected storage is not 128GB SD. It was 32MB RAM!!

Block Image

Partition Manager. it detects only 32MB ram( fundamental problem).

I formatted it at first. Because PC give a message ‘it needs to be formatted first’. I think it was my mistake.

And I tried to restore it with iTunes, iTunes detect iPod. But during restoration, it returned error 1429.(direct problem)

Block Image

Here’s some info of iPod in Windows.

Block Image

Device Manager detects iPod as mass storage device.

Block Image

File Explorer can’t load capacity.

Block Image

But Format Manager can. It says FAT is default setting.

How could it be? and what should I do to use SD card in PC to restore?

How can I get my RAM back to its original state(before format)?

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