Are the issues with this battery concerning?

I am checking this unit out after I seen the runtime was off from the batter gauge a bit, and when I did I noticed the battery capacity was a bit low at 66% prior. I also noticed the trackpad was off balance but it was late, so I unplugged it and decided to check it later as it wasn't overly lifted. Well, I did and the battery is fine in terms of not expanding, so it was loose trackpad screws causing a adjustment issue :-). However I did notice yesterday the battery was at 66% capacity of the original 100% capacity of 42Wh at the same time which is why I set it aside.

This is the current state:

Block Image

Seeing as it was a sudden jump, should I try and recalibrate the battery first before I look into a replacement, or just replace it now? Getting an extra 18% back so quickly is a little unusual.

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