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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White. This page aims to help users troubleshoot, fix, and seek help for the iPhone 4.

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4s Back Panel Is Stuck On

I have removed both screws, but the back panel will not slide up. I’ve tried increasing pressure, cleaning the sides with alcohol and increasing grip with some gaffer tape. I can’t replace the battery if I can’t open it. What am I doing wrong?

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The battery is probably expanding and putting pressure on the back glass making it harder to slide up. I would try putting the phone face down on a non slip surface like a rubber mat or something then slide the back up while putting slight downward pressure on the phone.

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Hi Jay, I'm jumping in on @xnriqux's answer. If you think the battery could be swollen, make sure to be really cautious working on you device. A swollen battery is quite dangerous–it can be a serious fire hazard. Check out our wiki on swollen batteries before you attempt your repair so you can be extra cautious! What to do with a swollen battery


@amber Thank you!


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