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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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dsi console keeps turning itself off

hi, my sons dsi console keeps randomly turning itself off during gameplay!!!!!!! any ideas why?

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You might be not charging your dsi enough


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The first place to start with the amount of information you have given is checking to make sure the battery is an official Nintendo battery, that it is properly charged, there is no residue on any of the contacts (battery and connector) and that the battery is securely seated. It seems that the battery in a DSi has enough extra room in the compartment where it can move from making the best contact with the connector. I've fixed a number of DSis that would not charge by simply reseating the battery. Nintendo put circuitry in these to detect improper current to help prevent 3rd party batteries from being used.

Please tell us more about the lights (LEDs) during normal operation, when it shuts down and when charging. Also is this happening only with game cartridge games, downloaded games or both? Does this happen when an SD card is inserted? Are you sure it is random - If one of the shoulder buttons has a short or any button, the system may shut down when it is pressed.

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Mine has the same problem, it usually happens on a carteidge game and the leds go blank


@Miles Pulsford - Look into the cartridge slot. A good chance you have 1 or more pins twisted/bent in there, that slide into another pin, when a cartridge is inserted, causing a short. It is very hard to straighten the pins out in the DSi card reader, usually not worth the time trying to. There is a "flap"/door inside the card reader to help prevent debris from entering. Take a toothpick to hold the flap open, look for bent pins on the card reader. If you see 1 or more twisted/bent pins replace the card reader. It is possible to replace individual pins, I've done it a number of times but, it takes almost as much time as replacing the whole thing, and is not as easy.


Happens to me, however it was probally just a scam 'cuz it was used after my old one broke. even when I replaced the battery, it would still happen


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