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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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A1990 Display horizontal stripes

Macbook Pro 15” A1990, used just about 1.5 years.

Recently just out of nothing after opening the lid I’ve got these horizontal stripes on whole display, disappearing when the lid is under 45 degrees. Obviously, it’s hardware issue and probably cable.

Block Image

Block Image

Just would like to ensure:

  • Is it the display data cable or also can be the backlight cable?
  • Is it easy to replace or I need to replace whole display-lid assemble?

Thanks forward!

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If it’s appearing as you open the lid, the yes, I would definitely think this is one of the cables between the TCON board and the display. Likely it is more related to actual image data, not backlight, backlight would typically just dim slowly as you open the lid further or cut out all together.

Unfortunately, if it is the cable (which i think is VERY likely given what you described), this is usually not an easy fix outside of replacing the entire display assembly because the cables in question are directly soldered onto the TCON board on one end, and the other end goes up behind the display panel, which is not something that is intended to come out of the housing and is fairly likely to break if removal is attempted.

These cables go right through the hinge area of the machine and it is not unusual for their connections to fail due to repeated stress from opening and closing lid. If the fault is in the soldered on end, it’s possible for them to be soldered back down, but it would need to be done by someone fairly skilled since the connections are small and the cable would be easy to damage with heat in the process.

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@flannelist - This systems cables go through the clutch cover not the hinges like the older 2015 and back.


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Ouch! Yes, you’ll likely need a new display assembly the T-CON board (the part that fits within the upper case from the display (cabled together and not removable on its own) when stressed from the pulling of the cable breaks its soldered connection. Someone very skilled might be able to resolder the connection.

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