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Repair and disassembly guides for Uniden phones.

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Can't hear caller but caller can hear me

I am having this problem as well. Caller can hear me, but I can't hear them. I have an XDECT 8355. Batteries are new and charged. Had the phone for a few years without any problems, so not too sure why this is suddenly happening?

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Hi @go4glory

Can you hear OK on a call if you make a speakerphone call from the base station? Press the home speakerphone button on the base station and make a call. This is just to see if the problem is only in the phone or the base station as well.

Can you hear OK on a call if you press the speaker button on the phone? If you can then there may be a problem with the earpiece speaker.

Try pressing the phone’s Up arrow button a few times during a call and check if you can hear better. See p.19-20 of the user manual for the location of the keys and their functions

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Still could not hear the caller, though they could still hear me me when using the speakerphone. Pressing the up arrow button didnt make any difference.



Speakerphone on the base station or the phone?

Is the base station connected to an internet modem i.e. VOIP phone service, or directly to an incoming telephone cable socket?

If a modem, can you try plugging in another corded telephone where the base station is plugged into the modem and check if that works OK?


Many thanks for that, all sorted. It was to do with the modem. The connections seemed fine; but when I disconnected the modem, and then re-booted it after waiting 20 seconds, everything worked.


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