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The JC V1S is a set of reprogramming tools used to test various iPhone components, including functions of the TrueTome Display.

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What is the JC v1s programmer useful for?

Can anyone give me a rundown of what they’re using the JC V1S iPhone programmer for? I understand it will restore True Tone. It seems it won’t fix Touch ID or Face ID, though it claims to. What exactly are people using it for?

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It will transfer the serial number from the old screen to the new screen so it will keep tru tone. You can also transfer the serial number from the battery I'm not sure if it will turn off the notice that it's not the original battery. You can also transfer the information for the tapic engine so. It will keep some features. The home button you can transfer the information and it will keep some features but it won't make touch Id work and it has to be their home button brand. I would like a little more information myself to see if you transfer the information from a battery does it show that it's factory or does it show that it's aftermarket.

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it won't restore touch ID with it being an apple home button, i get that, however, will a reprogrammed JC button at least not give the Touch ID failure warning and/or hot have IOS 15.7 (and later) not turn on Assistive Touch automatically?


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