Please help my 2003 GMC Yukon is messing up keeps saying engine power

Engine power reduced I've replaced battery water pump tensioner pully alternator throttle control and still won't go all the time please help

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Hi @techtexasman

Get the OBDII port scanned for any codes.

They will tell what is happening with the engine.

Places like PepBoys and AutoZone in the USA will do this for free apparently


I have the only code auto zone pulled up was the throttle body control sensor so I had to spend $200 bucks on the part they said was the problem helped me change the part in there parking lot and it still didn't fix it not to mention it was the day before Christmas and when I tried to return the part they said it was electrical so I can't return the part so I'm out of ideas



Did they check to see if the code was still there after the replacement sensor was installed?

Can you remember the code?


@techtexasman Could you be a little clearer on what exactly the truck is doing . By engine power are you referring to the engine electrical power reduced like its not charging or are you talking about hesitation in the motor wont rev beyond 2000rpm? does the truck not run? Please describe what it actually does and doesn't do


If your Yukon has a drive by wire system (electric throttle body commanded by the ecm, an electronic pedal sending signals to the ecm) reduced power mode (more commonly known as limp home mode) is a default program to prevent a runaway engine. Pedal and throttle have position sensors as feedback to the engine computer controlling the throttle actuator (servo motor). If one of these four sensors or wiring becomes damaged, the ecm detects the anomaly and prevents engine runaway by default, limiting engine power to around 15%, enough to get off the road to make the emergency call. Electronics governs EFI systems and not easily understood by average diyers without knowledge. If your drive by wire system is the issue, a simple troubleshooting procedure may help. Turn on ignition, engine not started, and have someone depress the gas pedal slowly as you observe the throttle plate open in synch. Pedal sends signals to the ecm, the ecm commands throttle to open in direct proportion to pedal travel.


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