Assembling the lens instructions for Canon Powershot SX30 IS- SX40 HS

POWERSHOT SX30 IS-POWERSHOT SX40 HS Hello, the motor of the zoom lens on my PowerShot SX30 IS is worn out, it makes screeching noises and the lens no longer extends. A professional repair exceeds the camera value (replacement of the entire lens approx. 350 €). That's why I disassembled my PowerShot S3 IS and built the motor into the PowerShot SX30 IS. I noticed that the inside of the lens was very dirty. I dismantled it and I can't get it together anymore. Any research for assembly instructions has failed. You can help me with my questions and requests with assembly instructions. It would be a shame if I had to dispose of this great camera. Thanks in advance for your trouble, I hope you can be of help. Sincerely, Theo

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