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The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled headset, which is compatible with most cellphones available on the market. Originally released in September, 2013, this device is still popular among a wide variety of users.

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Do battery replacement instructions also work for Voyager 5200?

The Plantronics Voyager5200 looks almost identical but is in fact different (Rtings has side-by-side pictures). Do the battery replacement instructions for the Legend also work for the 5200? Thanks!

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basically yes they are almost identical. Just be sure you get the right battery with the right leads.

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Did you actually perform a battery replacement on the headset? I am sure that they are identical from the inside, but the fastening of the case looks quite different, if you look at the pictures.


@jastram I did it on the new one. They are the same type of pressure snap clips so be gentle when you separate.


@jastram (Legend) (UC)

Hope this helps a bit more than me just saying it's very similar!


Those videos are useful, thanks. In fact, they show that disassembly is easier than with the Legend.


@jastram not a problem. if this answered your question please chose an answer but if you have issue you can still come back and ask


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