Screen flicker persists after screen replacement

My Note 9 had a broken screen, USB port, and a close to worn out battery, and after a long saga trying to get support for the device, ended up replacing all three myself. Just after a prior attempt to get the phone fixed, uBreakiFix took it apart, and shortly after, the screen started flickering rapidly and discoloring when at higher brightness on an app with a lot of white.

After replacing the screen, USB port, and battery, the screen flickering is still there, although slightly less severe, and I'm baffled as to what the problem is. Based on it only happening when the screen is displaying a lot of white, and given how OLED screens work, it almost seems like it's not getting enough power, suggesting a problem with the motherboard. I tried wiping the cache, rebooting, turning auto screen brightness on and off, etc, nothing works.

After sinking over $350 into it, I think my Note 9 is basically dead. :( Does anyone have an idea of what's going on with it, or if there is a fix?

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