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The Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car (B-segment in Europe) manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1976.

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My door only opens a few inches

One of the rear passenger doors on my car only opens a couple of inches. The gap is not wide enough to get in to the space or to look at the hinge, any ideas how I can fix this? It's a 2011 Ford Fiesta

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put a piece of paper along the hinge edge and open it until you feel it stick. look at paper and if you see a mark that means it has a very slight bend that is hitting the frame. move the paper around with it at the stuck pint until you find where it is catching. A plastic tool and lube can help you open in without damaging the paint. than you can take the door hinges off and fix the issue. If it is not this that you have a stuck or jammed hing but this is very unlikely.

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