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Mid is a premium Bluetooth® aptX headphone that delivers superior audio and 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge.

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Headband Adjustment is Broken

How can I fix my headband adjustment so it clicks and doesn’t just slide?

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happened to me too. I am able to pull the slider out entirely but there is no visible damage on it. Wonder if this is worth making a complaint as its still in warranty for next 2 months or the fix is easy


You need to cut The leather, open The plastic where The slider is and look if There is a metal plate. If it got loose you need to put it on its place. If it gone missing you need to cut from some metal plate A New one but you need to open The other side to have oryginal to copy.


@marando that metal plate has a curve in it right? Does it also have a thin metal piece usually folded to provide the tension and end locking to prevent it from fully siding out? I've had several types and fixed them all but if it has warranty do that.


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the clicks are from one of two things. a tiny ball bearing on a spring of some kind or a spring metal piece. More than likly it is the first. The bearing can fall out of it’s hole if it jammed. just find it and put it back in and check how it happened. usually a little silicon lube prevent this in the future

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