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The iMac Pro, is Apple’s most powerful iMac to date. It comes with either a 3.2 GHz 8 core, 3.0 GHz 10 core, 2.5 GHz 14 core or 2.3 GHz 18 core Xeon W processor. EMC 3144 / A1862 (ID iMacPro1,1)

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I want to upgrade RAM

I have an iMac Pro 2017 8 core 3,2 with 32 gig RAM (EMC 3144). Can I upgrade the RAM on this model?

there is no reference to EMC 3144 on the ifixit site

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We don’t have a guide to upgrade the RAM for this system. Apple made the design much harder than the regular 27” iMac’s which have a RAM access door. Here the system needs a complete teardown lifting the logic board fully out to gain access to the four SO-DIMM slots.

Unless you’ve done a bit of work on the newer 2013 ‘Thin Series’ onwards iMac’s so you are comfortable in taking the display off and have taken out the logic boards I would recommend you find someone who has, as this is an expensive system to get repaired if you make any errors.

OK I’m going for it!

First you need special PC4-21300 32 GB ECC Registered RAM iMac Pro Memory Maxxer RAM Upgrade Kit

Follow this guide to take the display off iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Display Replacement the cable connections are slightly different than what this guide shows. Here’s a better image of the connections.

Block Image

Review this iMac Pro Teardown for guidance as the steps of removing the logic board as that’s all there is. Step 7 is as far as you need to get to.

iMac Pro Memory Maxxer RAM Upgrade Kit Afbeelding


iMac Pro Memory Maxxer RAM Upgrade Kit


iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Display Afbeelding


iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Display Replacement



30 - 45 minutes

iMac Pro Afbeelding


iMac Pro Teardown



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Yes to all of this. And yes to this is not a repair for folks who are inexperienced. It takes A LOT of doing, since the whole logic board needs to be removed, the DIMM slots are on the back of the board. But it's definitely plausible.

This is a procedure Apple will also do for you, but I would totally understand not wanting to take it to them since RAM will absolutely be pricey. And if it is a repair you can do yourself then why bother.


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