Dect 6.0 1480-3, Reset VMWI and now it will not work w/VOIP

I had to reset the VMWI on my Dect 6.0 1480-3 to turn off the flashing light, Now it does not turn on when I have a message on my VOIP carrier voice mail. Basic Talk can’t/won’t help. Also, BT does not recognize when pressing ‘1’ on 2 of the services, but does on the hearing voice mail (I log on to see if there are any messages). Any way that is connected to the reset of VMWI?

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Hi @kathyf,

What is the make and model number of the modem that the phone is connected to for the VOIP service?


jayeff, it is a Motorola MG7550. The phone/VOIP have been on it for 2 years with no problems until the flashing light thing. That also happened on a Comcast modem (I switched out for a few months not too long ago).



Is the phone connected to the modem via a VOIP phone adapter i.e. phone base station cable plugged into VOIP adapter which is plugged into one of the modem's Ethernet ports?

Reason I ask is that the MG7550 modem has 4 Ethernet cable connection ports. Ethernet is a digital signalling type connection and the phone is an analogue signalling type device, so there needs to be a converter between the two.

The modem also has WiFi capability but the phone doesn't.


I have used Basic Talk since 2015 with an Ethernet port! My phone is definitely a Uniden DECT1480-3, a digital phone, and the modem is correct. I never used the phone port on the Comcast modem because the cable would not fit, if memory serves me right.


Hi @kathyf

I'm sorry but I don't know how to help you with this.

Looking at the phone's user manual it says to plug the phone into a telephone wall outlet.

There is no mention that it can work when connected directly to an ethernet port.

The telephone uses the DECT 6.0 communications system (digitally enhanced cordless technology) between the phone and its base station. It still uses analogue signalling to connect between the base station and the telephone network.

Just to enlighten me can you verify that the phone's base station is connected directly to the modem?


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