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Are the iPhone 7 screen and iPhone 8 screen interchangeable?

My iPhone 7 was stuck in a reboot loop, so i ordered the battery kit because i thought it was probably a loose connector or the battery is not giving the minimum voltage the device needs to boot.

While opening the device i snapped the ribbon cables of the screen (they should really make the warning for that MUCH bigger).

I used an Iphone 8 screen and it booted! i was so happy! but touching and tapping the screen didn’t register!

Now i have two options, get the replacement screen from ifixit and hopefully with a new iPhone 7 screen it would register touch and i can get my Data transferred to a new phone.

and the second option is to let it go. and forget about my data.

So my question is, what are the chances that the problem was the screen being different and what are the chances that something is dead in the phone’s circuitry so inputs don’t register anymore?

I know this is a complex and weird question but i just want the device to ‘boot’ so i can transfer my data and money is really short.

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Yes they are.

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yes the size is identical but would one screen work flawlessly on the other?


@abdo.soukkar From what I found Google, both screens have the same specs, so it should work great. Hope this helps!


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