MacBook 12 2015 won’t turn on

The display started acting up (there used to be horizontal flickering on screens with a lot of white colours) yesterday when it would literally show wide vertical lines when opened beyond 90 degree angle. I opened it up to see if the display cable is loose so I disconnected and reconnected it and then the Macbook won’t turn on.

I disconnected the battery before I disconnected anything. Now there’s no chime, display or anything after plugging in the charger and pressing the power button.

After I press the power button, the battery light on the inside, not the screen, doest light up, though.

I ordered a display flex cable just in case but at this point, I don’t know what else could’ve happened. Does a defective/disconnected display cable affect the power of the Macbook? Like, not even a chime after pressing the power button?

What else can I try now?

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are you sure you disconnected the battery because there are a couple of connecter pieces in you missed one you could have fried you computer


I placed a pick between the board and the baterry connector.


After some digging on the forums, I tried another solution. I unplugged the trackpad cable and the laptop turned on. The display is still inoperable after opening it past ~60 degrees.

Does this mean the trackpad cable is faulty as well?

Edit: trackpad instead keyboard cable


Is it possible that your computer has been dropped or water damaged or exposed to high temperatures?


It was accidentally dropped approx a year ago. It only started acting up a few months ago.


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