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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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Battery replacment, do you need tag on flex?

Hi, i have question, what about iPhone SE 2020. do you need tag on flex, or you can just replace BMS board. When you replacing battery.

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You will need the tag on all iPhones from A13 up. So yes you will need it.

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Sorry, this is not true. No tag-on flex is needed for XS/XR/SE2020. Only for 11 and up in my experience


Do you need to keep the tag-on flex connected after the health is corrected?


@e_ahh Yes, the tag-on is designed to be installed inside the phone and left on permanently, or at least until the next time you need to replace the battery.


Hey Jacob Lund, thanks for your comment.

So if no tag-on-flex is needed for SE2020, how does Battery Health get reset to 100% ?


@eladbrab You have to use a device programmer. The most popular kinds are the JC V1SE or the QianLi iCopy. Figure around $85 USD new for one or the other. There are newer devices made just for batteries that may be cheaper.


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