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Released in 2017, the Razer Tiamat 7.1 is an over-ear gaming headset with microphone and audio control unit.

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left side isn't making sound, what is wrong?

The left side stopped working and I don’t know what is wrong. v

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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wrote it wrong, right side isn't working unless I press it and then it makes sound for a split second


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Click on Options > Edit in your question to amend it to the correct wording.

I assume that the last image that you posted is the right speaker, is this correct?

Are both of the wires securely connected to the pcb?

If so and since you say you get sound when pressing on it (what the board or the speaker?) then there may be a loose connection either from where the speaker wires connect to the board or perhaps where the wires connect to the speaker driver itself i.e the wires between the speaker driver and the pcb

It may be difficult to access the underside of the pcb but if you have an Ohmmeter, place it across both wires and check for a reading. I don’t know what the resistance value will be but check if it alters when pressing down on the speaker or pcb (be gentle and don’t break anything by pressing too hard).

The speaker looks like a modular unit so if you can’t get into it you may have to replace it.

Here’s one link that had an option for a replacement speaker if that is the problem, as there doesn’t seem to be any replacements available when briefly searching online.

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