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The G400s is a high performance corded mouse

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Logitech G403 Hero button replacement not working

Recently I had the double click problem with my mouse and decided to fix it myself by replacing the left mouse switch. After I finished soldering, I plugged in the mouse and the left click button wasn’t working at all. This was my first time trying soldering. I’m wondering if I had damaged the pcb when I was desoldering the switch.

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Did you get the same brand and model of switch as what there was before?


yes I believe so. This was the item I bought off of Amazon The serial number on the side of the mouse switch matches the one on the original. One or two of the solder pad came off I think during desoldering. Do I have to retrace the path and how do I fix the connection?


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If you believe you damaged the pads, you can fix it this way:

  1. Cut a piece of enameled wire a little larger than the size of the gap and tin both ends(it will take a few seconds for the solder to get through the enamel)
  2. Scrape a little bit of solder mask off of the intended trace, then solder one end of the wire to the exposed trace.
  3. Solder the other end of the wire to the other component leg.
  4. Wait for the solder to cool down, then put nail polish diluted with water or solder mask over the exposed part of the trace and the rest of the wire(not including the part where the wire is soldered on to the component leg)
  5. Follow the setting/hardening procedure for your solder mask(if you used solder mask) or wait for the nail polish to dry.

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