Phone being accessed via unknown WIFI

Hello. I have an app on my Note9 called Traced. It is a security app that seems to be pretty helpful. Several times a day, I will turn off adata and turn on airplane mode. Right after, I check ‘events log' in the Traced app and it advises me that my device has disconnected from an unsecured wifi network. I have gone through the wifi control/ access permissions in settings on my phone to make sure every app or option that could habe access to wifi does not. And, I still continue to get these disconnected notification messages.

I am the plantiff in a legal suit which is involves several very high profile people, as well billion dollar companies. Since the start of this case, many aspects of my life are being surveillanced. I fear that my phone connecting/ disconnecting to WIFI is another way, which this surveillance is being carried out.

Is there a way that I can remedy this and have almost absolute control of my WIFI, or at least the moment when my connects to a network?


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Can you go into Network>WiFi>WiFi Preferences and make sure both "Turn on WiFi automatically" and "connect to public networks" are off?


I checked both; they're off.


@Indrid Cold Can you go to System>Reset>Reset Network Settings?


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