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The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 is a Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset for PS3 released in 2011.

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Unstable functioning of my headset

I put it on my computer (I've tried it on other computers). The headset works for a while, but suddenly it starts to squeak and the audio stops working, but its led is still on.

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Hello John

1-Reinstall the headset driver. Make sure you are using the latest driver version.

*Recently, if you have installed another audio driver, uninstall it .

*Download the suitable driver from the product manufacturer's site or use programs such as “Driver Easy” to download the driver.

2-Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab>select this device

(If the headset does not have a driver, select”Speakers”)

now connect a desktop speaker and check the sound quality.

3-Make sure Windows(OS) does not have a sound problem .

4-Also check for hardware issues:

Make sure that the USB port on the computer supplies power to the headset properly. Use an Android phone charger to check. Check cables and plugs as well.

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