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Device repair and assembly information for the 2018 Kärcher Carpet Cleaner, model number BRC 30/15 C.

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No power at all is there a fuse

Karcher rug cleaner no power is there a fuse and where it is located

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Hi @denverjohn ,

Please confirm the model number of the cleaner?

Have you checked that the cord is OK by using an Ohmmeter to test for continuity from the plug to where it is terminated in the cleaner to make sure that no wires are broken?


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Hi John: - RE RC3015C 2018 - I work for Smart Cleaning Solutions, and we have a numer of these units. This is a common fault. There is a suction turbine fuse on the control panel which has a reset button. Try that and see if it works. Cheers.

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