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The OnePlus 8T is an Android smartphone manufactured by OnePlus, released on 16 October 2020.

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Stuck in fastboot, need help getting into EDL

I was trying to flash a stock rom via fastboot, flashing img files but one file was corrupt. I need to get into EDL mode but can't, it is now stuck booting into fastboot. Is this something you can do? I know you can do it by shorting test points on the motherboard but I not comfortable doing that

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1+ edl point mother board?


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Since you're bootlooping into fastboot, you can try download 8T Fastboot ROM to unbrick it ( if ur bootloader is unlocked ). If not, besides of using testpoint on the mainboard, you can purchase deep-flash cable ( around 2-5$ depends ) it can help u to boot into EDL mode ( same effect as using testpoint ), then use MSM Download Tool ( which specified for your 8T variant ) to rescue ur device!

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