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Het Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System is een serie op dvd gebaseerde thuismedia-systemen in de Bose 2.1 home theater-lijn. Het Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment System werd tussen 2001 en 2006 verkocht en was verkrijgbaar in de kleuren zwart en grafiet.

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Horrible screeching sound - why?

Hi, it’s a Bose Wave radio/cd player I have, but the model didn’t come up, so I had to choose this category. It has some scratchy sounds emanating from the rhs speaker, then it’ll play cd or radio for about 10/15 seconds, then it starts a dreadful screeching sound that curdles the blood and I have to pull the plug out quickly. Does this sound repairable and if so, is it a beginner’s job and what parts would be needed please? Thanks for any advice.

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I have the same issue. The question does not seem to be answered. I will check for any leaky or bulged capacitors. It will be a few week before I can look into this. Hopefull the Solution is to replace. Andrew S is this something you have solved? How do we get and replace the capacitors?


@bearsel This is not something I have solved yet, merely a guess based on the 2000's capacitor plague. If the capacitors seem to be blown and/or check bad on an ESR meter, we can use the brand, series, and dimensions to find equivalent capacitors on DigiKey, Mouser, or another distributor with cheaper shipping to your area.


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Can you open up the radio and check for any leaky or bulged capacitors? I have attached a picture below.

Block Image

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