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Released December 2005, digital audio player of 60 GB capacity, built-in recordable FM radio tuner.

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How can I now what's broken in my Creative ZEN vision M?

My ZVM 60 GB (mp3 player) stopped working 2 years ago, I didn't touch it since then.

What happened then was that while using (very often when switching songs) it stopped responding and I needed to restart it, or it shouted down while using it- slowly more and more often until it stopped working, (it usually had trouble finalizing after restarting).

Now when I connect it to the charger the blue light goes on, but this happens also when the battery is not connected,

How can I know if the only thing I need to do is to get a new hard drive, and I don't need a new battery or anything else? (is there a way to check the hard drive- connecting to computer etc.?)

Thank you (i'm new in this website- it's a great thing!)

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yedidya, can you give more information about the "get stuck slowly more and more often" What got stuck? What happened?


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I know for sure that the 30GB Zen uses the Toshiba MK3008GAL with a ZIF connection, and I believe the 60GB uses the Toshiba MK6006GAH which has a Low Insertion Force (CF) connector. So, you can get a USB adapter for either one of these drives for about $5.00 at places like This will allow you to utilize the drive as an external drive. You can check to see if you can access, format the drive as well as perform some hardware test with software like Chkdsk etc. Since your Zen has been out of commission for a lengthy time period, I would definitely go ahead and replace the battery as well. Hope this helps, good luck and welcome to ifixit.

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my 30Gb is Hitachi HTC426030G5CE00


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