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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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Battery dead or charging chip?


The iPod is just working with power cable - PC or charger.

After unpowering and reconnecting it is booting new.

I know how to get into Diag Mode. How can i see if ich have a problem with the battery or the charging electronic?

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More then likely your battery has lost the ability to hold a charge.

The fact that it works while plugged in suggest that the charge port, and the charging circuit are most lilely ok.

Battery replacements are commonly needed for iPod 6gen if it was never replaced by now.

Note that if you chose to replace it yourself, that battery is soldered to the motherboard

I hope this help

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Hi Sly,

Thanks for your help.

My question is if I can see anywhere in diag mode if it’s just the battery or the electronics..

Thanks Thomas


By diag mode, do you mean recovery mode/dfu mode? If so, then no.

If those are not the modes you mean can you explain what you are reffering to?


Hi all,

What I mean is the diagnostic mode.

Press ALL buttons and wait for rebooting. Holt Long enough until the Nano is in the daignostic Mode. Here you can see a lot of details about the machine room.

E.g. battery capacity, loading in mA, unloading in mA.

I hope that someone could tell me which of these indicates it’s a faulty battery and which indicates it’s the loading IC.

Thanks Thomas


Oh wow, I’ve never heard about this diagnostic mode of the ipods. That is nice to know. Sorry about the confusion.

So as far as the battery goes, the current capacity can be very telling on the health of the battery. Find the battery orginal capacity, and compare it to your reading. If it is less then 20%, there is a good chancr that it needs to be replaced.

Note: sometimes bad battery have faulty data line and therefore will still show a high capacity even if it is infact much lower.

Another thing to look at if it is included in the diagnostic mode is the battery cycle charge. This is a reading of how many times the battery has been charged and discharged.

On average, when a battery show signs of usage, and your cycle count is higher then 650, it is usally a good indication that it needs to be replaced.

I hope this helps.


Great. Thanks for your help.

So first I need to get a new one - battery - and than check old vs. new.

I’ll come back with results.

Cicle count is Not included but lot of details about the iPod you have to be Apple engineer for understanding them…



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