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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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Apple Watch Series 5 (Display Sound)

Has anyone noticed a high-frequency sound from boot up a Apple Watch Series 5 with LTPO-OLED-Display?

The sound is only audible when pressing the watch to your ear in a silence room!

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I would visit an Apple Store to see what they think. I’ve never encountered any issues with my watch.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. I sent this watch with this problem twice to the repair center. In both ways, the exchange Watches have the same display sound. So I’m not sure, that this is normal for a LTPO-OLED Display.

In my local Apple Store I didn’t get a good answer to this display sound. The genius staff is helpless. One guy from the staff use a series 5 and told me, that his watch hasn’t this display sound. The only difference is, he has a stainless steel Series 5. My series 5 is an edition model.

Regards, Peter


@P D - I don't see the case metal as being an issue here, so thats not what makes the difference.

If you''ve now have had three different watches (your original and two replacements) then I think its you! Now don't jump out of your chair yet, let me explain...

The younger you are the higher frequencies are within your hearings range. As we get older we loose this ability (at least most of us).

Talk to an Audiologists to see if you are just one of the lucky ones that can hear this higher frequency range.


Thanks to Dan, but I think that's not the problem.

Maybe for other Apple Watch Users here are the DL again:


@P D - Please don't post URL's that don't apply to your question we see that as Spam, your link does not offer anything than a sellers website.

I've had an Apple watch from the start upgrading along the way. I have not encountered any high pitch whine from my watches I currently have a Series 6 . As it turns out I'm one of the few who is sensitive to high frequencies so I can assure you the watch is not the source.

If your set please score and accept the answer.


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