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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Note 3 does not charge or turn on

Cannot get this phone to turn on (nothing else also)

I bought a new battery, i changed the usb charging part inside the phone, and tried different usb cables but the phone does not charge..

Update (08/01/2021)

I also tried a new battery, and even tried another motherboard but even with the new board i dont get any life out of the phone..

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Is the battery voltage dropping rapidly when you install the new battery with a full charge? Does it get warm? Perhaps there is a short in the display or some part outside of the motherboard. Sounds like a short (or open) somewhere. Keep looking.

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Use a voltmeter to be sure the motherboard is getting power.


Where do i measure that? And i just ordered a external batt charger to fully charge it before trying


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