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The Ion Air Pro is a small and portable, 1080p HD, video camera that can record videos or capture pictures. Some features of the Ion Air Pro include, 170 degree visual field, cloud ready, can go under 30ft./10m of water,Wi-Fi enabled, long battery life, and still mode.

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Forgot my wifi password

I forgot wifi password to my ion camera

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This should work…I found the directions on YouTube

1) Connect camera to computer using the USB cable
2) Turn camera on, it should appear as new drive on your computer
3) Open that drive and look for the WiFiChange.txt file
4) Rename wifiChange text file to PleaseChangeWiFi
5) Choose continue when warning pop-up appears
6) Turn off camera
7) Disconnect USB cable from computer and camera
8) Restart camera and then shut off again, this should reset it
9) Reconnect Wi-Fi adapter to back of camera
10) Turn camera on, once the green light on the camera is on, turn on the Wi-Fi adapter
11) Wi-Fi adapter should have a blinking blue light indicating it has been reset
12) Check available Wi-Fi connections on your computer, you should see the camera as an option, the password should be back to the default 123456789

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Didn't work dude


Same here, its a no go, never get the pop up


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