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Is there a logic board diagram?

I was replacing the fan (why did it overheat?) and noticed a disconnected plug at the top. I don't know when it got unplugged but I was also getting a 2STF/1/4 (no hd) error and wonder if it was because of the plug.


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Yes the plug you describe is the hard drive ribbon data cable. It snap under the logic board. The cable brings power and transfer data to the hard drive. Snap it in the connector and put a tape on it so it will stay in place.

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I'm including the takedown guide for your computer. I think if you follow it though as if you were replacing the logic board you should find the plug and its use. If you are not properly booting you should try booting with your system disk and run disk repair to see if you can clrear the error message. Good luck--Ralph

iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Repair

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