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Repair guides and support for riding, or ride-on, mowers, also known as lawn tractors, of all types used in tending large tracts of land.

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When I turn the key on my pto engages

When the key is turned on not running the pto engages, the pto switch is off. When I turn the pto switch to on the pto disengages. Is this normal? Does the mower need to be running to disengage the pto when the switch is in the off position? I have a new switch and new pto installed. Lawn tractor is a Giere Mountaineer

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I have a cub cadet 2166 and the motor does not have to be running to engage the electronic PTO. You can hear a small click and if you are watching the PTO you can see it move a little when connected to the shaft. The key must be on. Could you have bought the wrong switch. Some of the switches are normal on and some maybe normal off.

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Thanks for the help, I had this happen with the factory switch, so I bought the same John Deere switch to replace it and it does the same thing. I do not believe it is a problem with the switch but not sure.


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