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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 8 that was released on September 22, 2017. Model: A1863, A1905

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iPhone 8 Touch screen not working and there are streaks in the screen

I tried to fix my iphone 8, it had a crack in the screen.

Now that I'm done with this and turned it back on, there were streaks through the screen, and the touchscreen no longer works. Can this be repaired, if so how?

i opened the phone again and tried the old screen to see if it was me or the screen unfortunately the screen didn’t work anymore.

update: the screen doesn’t turn on anymore, when i put the phone on the charger it wil give a little vibration but the screen doesn’t turn on.

update: ignore the last update, screen turned on again but still stripes trough the screen en touchscreen’s having none of it.

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Hi Sjaak,

This is a faulty screen problem. Maybe you hit something of pulled and ripped the new screen cables…

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