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The Casio WK-220 is a portable electronic keyboard manufactured by Casio with 76 pressable keys and an LCD screen. Identified by model number WK-220.

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My Casio WK-220 won't recognize my headphones. What can I do?

I plugged my Skullcandy headphones into the audio jack of my keyboard in which they fit without trouble, and yet the sound output is still stereo.

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@jingleperson "and yet the sound output is still stereo." are you saying that it still plays the sound through the speakers instead of the headphones?


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@oldturkey03, apologies for the belated reply. Yes, that was precisely the predicament I was in. However, since then, it has been resolved. I had simply plugged my headphone's adapter in the wrong jack of my keyboard.

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@jingleperson great for coming back and letting us know. Glad you got it figured out!


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@jingleperson if your keyboard still keeps playing through the speakers instead of the headphones, it is most likely the headphone jack that is at fault. Once you insert the jack on of the contacts will close and should turn the speakers off. Of course you want to try another set of headphone and see if that makes a difference. SOmetimes you can free up the contacts inside the jack by inserting and then removing the headphone connector a couple of times. Do that a couple of times and see if that will free it up.

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