MacBook Pro display has a black and grey line after replacement cable

Hi - I have an early 2013 macbook pro 15 inch a1398 model.

I had a damaged keyboard on it and I replaced the keyboard watching a video on iFixit. During the keyboard replacement I damaged the lcd flex connector that goes on the logic board (2 broken pins), So I was getting black display with no apple logo light but it seemed that only the backlight was off as I could see some movement on the screen.

I bought a new cable with hinges and replaced it watching another video but after replacing the cable the screen looks like this

Block Image

Block Image

I’m not sure whats wrong as I got a new cable - everything else is fine except for the display.

Would really appreciate your responses. Thanks

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Can you post a couple of clear pics of the logic board connector one straight down and the second looking into the connectors opening.


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