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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1864, A1897. Available as GSM or CDMA, 64 or 256 GB Storage Options, and the color options are gold, silver, and space gray.

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Motherboard swap from same model but different memory

I have an iPhone 8plus 64gb and it's iCloud locked, if I change the motherboard from a smashed iPhone 8 plus which is iCloud unlocked, would it solve my issue?

And Can I put the motherboard from a 8plus 128gb iPhone into iPhone 8 plus 64 gb ?

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Yes, you can swap the motherboards, but, be aware that a lot of features will disable due to apple part pairing with the logic board. You gonna lose True Tone, Battery Health Reporting, Touch ID, etc. The list is off the top of my head, but you will have less functionality from the phone. If you do not need or require these features then you might as well swap them over :)

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Even if they are the same model but just a different memory model?

Why the touch id wouldn't work?

Please guide me a little.. and what if they are totally same? I mean same model with same 64gb memory iphones?


Basically, the home button has a unique code that's paired with its logic board. Once changed the codes do not match and apple then disables the feature, same with true tone on screens and a few other things. It's the way Apple tries to stop unauthorized repairers from doing repairs.

When we change parts for our customer's repairs we have to use a programmer to read the codes off the original parts using our JCID programmer and then write those codes to the new parts. Its nothing to do with the same model, etc, it is Apple simply disabling the feature as its OS has detected that part is changed.


There is a youtuber called Huge Jefferys that took 2 brand new iPhone 12's and swapped the logic boards, Camera functions, Truetone, Face Id, Touch ID, etc all stopped working. The only way around this is with a JCID or Qian Li device to copy the codes to the replaced parts. This is not something most DIY users have to hand. You will lose a lot of features by swapping the boards. I suggest you find the video and take a look as it will explain things a lot better than I can here.

The other, very advanced way, would be to desolder the storage chip off the one board and then reball and transfer the bigger storage to the 64 GB board, but again this is complex work and requires specialized tools!

Hope this helps you more!


Thankyou so much for explanation and for your time Jon..

My main concern is that the device is iCloud locked and just want to remove the activation lock. Is there any better or cheaper way to do that ?

Other than replacing the motherboard.


There are ways to bypass iCloud lock using custom DNS on first time setup, but i do believe this is very hit and miss and can also make it so you can use the phone but not iCloud or App store, plus a lot of the methods are very hit and miss :( There a few guides on YouTube, the best and most trusted method I believe was posted by Phone Repair Guru on his channel. I will not give the specific way to do as I am not sure what the rules are here on doing such a think :)

Good Luck :)


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