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Nissan unveiled the seventh generation Sentra in August 2012. The new Sentra is completely redesigned inside and out but is a rebadged Chinese and Japanese market Sylphy.

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Why is my sentra revving up and down at high speed


i have sentra 2014 1.6cc engine, the issue is that it has high rpm at the highway around 3100rpm at speed of 70 miles !!!

some time it go down to 2500rpm at the same speed !!


its not fluctuate in rpm it just remains on rpm rating mintion above and I don’t know the reason!

did any one has the same issue ?

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This sounds like a transition problem and it is down shifting to a lower gear and kicking up the RPMs to maintain the same speed.

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if its an auto then downshifting is probably what’s happening, most gearboxes have that difference in ratio. depending on where you are driving it could be normal for it to downshift like if your climbing up a gradient and the engine is struggling or if you are putting the accelerator more than around half way down the ecu will be programmed to downshift. If it is an auto and you have the option for a manual mode try using that and go out for a drive, if you select one gear that’s comfortable for 70mph and go on for a mile or so as long as you have it in the manual mode it shouldn’t change. If this fixes the problem for you then you have narrowed you issue down and can get someone who knows a bit about transmissions to take a look.

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