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My screen is showing horizontal stripes.

Today I close the lid of my mac book air and then opened it after 10 minutes and sine then the screen is showing flickering white horizontal lines. If I shutdown the Mac for 4 hours or so. The lines disappear but then comes back after 20 minutes of usage.

Nothing spilled on the Mac book air and I didn't dropped it either.

My Kid is using it for online classes. I am from India , we are having lockdown here. Can't take the Mac to a service centre because all are closed here.

Please help. I am attaching a video.

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Hook it up to an external display to help diagnose if the issue is with the display or the logic board.


MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Display Assembly Replacement

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With external display, it works fine...

Already Tried to reset nvram and smc


@nehas If the device is able to display fine on an external monitor, then the problem is isolated to the screen attached to the device. This can be replaced yourself if you can afford the parts and have the patience to do this repair carefully and without damaging any other parts of the device.


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